UNBELIEVABLE! Democrat Congressman Just Honored This High School Dropout Crack Dealer Felon! WATCH!

The United States House of Representatives has long been esteemed as one of the most reverential places on Capital Hill. This stems partly from the fact that it is an integral part of a democratic system of government that has been envied the world over. This is where countless politicians and influential leaders in government, as well as public the sector, have battled it out to influence the making of the laws that their experience tells them would be best for our country. America the Beautiful has 3 branches of Government, and the House of Representatives is half of one of them.

For some reason, though, some of our elected officials aren’t bestowing on their position the gravity that it deserves. This was clearly displayed by Democratic U.S. representative from the 8th Congressional District of New York, Hakeem Jeffries when he decided to inform his fellow Representatives about Biggie Smalls. Jeffries displayed a huge poster of Smalls and went on to subject his fellow lawmakers to a tribute, and some of the rapper’s lyrics. The congressman also added his own feelings

Via Right Wing News:

“Those were the words of late, great Notorious B.I.G. Biggie Smalls, Frank White, the King of New York. He died 20 years ago today in a tragedy that occurred in Los Angeles. But his words live on forever. I got the privilege of representing the district where Biggie Smalls was raised. We know he went from negative to positive and emerged as one of the world most important hip hop stars. His rags-to-riches life story is the classic embodiment of the American dream. Biggie Smalls is gone, but he will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Notorious B.I.G. Where Brooklyn at?”

Jeffries chose to quote the B.I.G tune “Juicy” to memorialize this occasion when he said:

 “It was all a dream. I used to read Word Up magazine. Salt-N-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine. Hangin’ pictures on my wall. Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl.”

It’s understandable that even politicians have personal hero’s and role models, nobody is knocking that. However, this is one of the people who employed the Awan brothers. You know, the three Muslim brothers who improperly accessed all manner of Congressional information. They even had a secret server off-site to which they funneled Congressional data. Even if this display of praise for a long passed rapper were an appropriate thing to conduct in one of our houses of congress, obviously this guy needs to get it together and pay attention to his actual job. If I could say one thing to Congressman Jeffries it would be that just because you like a singer, doesn’t mean you get to waste Congress’ time talking about him. If you carry on like this, your job might turn out to be all a dream; because you can’t change the world unless you change yourself.

(Source: Right Wing News)

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