DEMOCRAT Congresswoman Just CONFIRMED America’s WORST NIGHTMARE – TRUMP Was Right From The Beginning!

Cringe alert! You’re going to hear these words said by Democrat Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard, in a way that potentially connects Obama with arming terrorists.

Quietly arming and supporting…funneling support…directly supporting these groups…

You probably assumed that all along, but we know when you assume things, that it makes an ass out of you and me. We don’t make blind assumptions, because if we do, and we’re wrong, then we look like fake news websites like CNN and BuzzFeed.

This is no assumption. This is more like an “I told you so” incident and it’s exposed when Tucker Carlson interviews Tulsi Gabbard.

Watch the video and listen for those key phrases I mentioned above.

Conservative Post reports – Tucker: The average American, you, me, are not allowed to send weapons to terror groups.

Rep. Gabbard: We would be thrown in jail

Tucker: But the U.S. government, as a matter of policy, arms and aides these groups?

Rep. Gabbard: This is the problem tucker, is that… there’s a double standard here… For years now, our government, working with countries like Saudi Arabia, turkey and Quatar, have been through the CIA, quietly arming and supporting these groups that are directly working with groups like Al qaeda and ISIS. All in this effort to overthrow the Syrian government.

Rep. Gabbard: They have been funneling support through countries like Saudi Arabia, and others, who are also directly supporting these groups.plot-thickens

A Democrat just turned the tables upside down and this plot has thickened. We have a Democrat calling out the arming of terrorists, by the American government, and she’s going full speed ahead with the claims.

What happened that made this Democrat turn against her President or party? Did she lose a job somewhere? Did someone turn their back on her? Usually you don’t speak out against your own party unless something triggered you into a reactionary state of mind.

I’m glad she’s speaking out against arming terrorists because that’s something that no one should ever do.

I’m very curious as to what triggered this out of her.

There must be something on her Facebook timeline that gives us a clue.

She’s even hash-tagged it on Twitter, so that’s how we know she’s serious.

Nothing is legit these days if it’s not on social media with 100 hashtags after it.

#StopArmingTerrorists #FreedomDaily #TrumpIsYourPresident

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