Democrat Governor Just SLASHED Scholarships For Americans, You’ll PISSED When You See Where It Went!

In the most sleazy way possible, a California democrat Governor has cut funding for middle class college scholarships and is leaving the funding for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS alone.

First of all, how and why is there funding for ILLEGAL PEOPLE? That makes no sense whatsoever. There should be no money for illegal immigrants unless that money is sent to ICE so they can pay cops to deport the illegals.

Why are Californians wasting so much money on other people, but not taking care of their own? Wasn’t there a dam somewhere that needed to be fixed? Could have spent money on that!

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, is expected to cut scholarship funding for middle-class students while keeping the funding for illegal immigrants.

According to the 2017-18 Governor’s Budget, Brown is intending to phase out the middle-class scholarship program which is aimed at students who come from a household that earns $156,000 or less. The program pays for 40% of those students tuition costs.

“Given the state’s overall financial condition, to continue the administration’s support for long-term stable growth in funding…and to maintain the broad Cal Grant entitlement for the state’s neediest students, the budget proposes a phase-out of the middle-class scholarship program,” according to the budget.

Even though the deficit is expected to hit $2 billion by this summer, Brown will not be reducing scholarships for illegal immigrants.

California proves once again why it needs a Trump Wall built around it. Forget about Mexico, put that wall around California and I’ll be happy! I’d rather have a few hardworking immigrants sneak into America, then deal with the disastrous state of California and their absurd liberal thinking that puts American citizens at the bottom of their priority list.

I believe Americans come first and that there should be no funding allocated for illegal immigrants. If you want to spend money on them, then spend money deporting them.

What thought process happened in the governor’s brain that made it seem like a good idea to cut college scholarships for California residents and keep money for illegal immigrants?

This is why people dislike liberal thinking, because nothing they do makes any sense.

If the governor said they were slashing college scholarships for a year in order to fix the Oroville dam, then that would make sense.

But of course, spending money on illegal immigrants because your bleeding heart doesn’t care for your own people, that’s liberalism at it’s finest.

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