Democrat State Rep: Declaration Of Independence Is Racist- VIDEO

A state lawmaker in Louisiana is opposing a bill that would make it mandatory for children to be taught the Declaration of Independence calling it racist. “For the Declaration of Independence, only Caucasians [were] free. And for you to bring a bill to request that our children will recite the Declaration, I think it’s a little bit unfair, to ask those children to recite something that is not the truth” said Representative Barbara Norton.

This Representative maintains that it’s unfair to force children to recite the Declaration because it is “untrue.” Because when it was drafted not all men “were created equal,” she said (idiotically, as she doesn’t seem to realize the Founders were talking about GOD creating all men equal). African Americans were not considered equal. Thus, she argues that because of this children shouldn’t be forced to study the Declaration. She goes on to repeat her below-80-IQ self several times.

Deneen Borelli Of “Fox and Friends Weekend” stated, “For her to be attacking the Declaration of Independence, that is attacking liberty, that is attacking freedom, people should not let her get away with this.”

The bill, HB 1035, went straight through the House Education committee with flying colors on a 6-2 vote. It was Representative Valarie Hodges bill.

Representative Hodges responded to Norton by stating that Martin Luther King’s work made it possible for African Americans such as Norton to attain the position she has today. Furthermore, that Martin Luther King’s advocacy and works were solidly based in the Declaration of Independence. But Norton incoherently (and again, idiotically) responded quickly.

“In 1776, Dr. King was not even born, African Americans were in slavery, so since they were in slavery and the Declaration of Independence say(s) we were… all created equal, we were not created equal,” insisted Representative Norton.

(Editor’s note: How do dipsh-ts like this even get ELECTED????!!! A congress full of low IQ morons like this would spell the end of the country. Dems should recall this dolt, if only to save face for their party. What a freaking embarrassment!)

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