Democratic State Rep: Declaration of Independence Is Racist And Students Should Not Be Forced To Learn It (VIDEO)

Today in “everything is racist”…

Louisiana State Rep. Barbara Norton has earned herself an honorary title in the academic special Olympics. While our education system continues to fail, she thinks the last thing students need to learn about is our Declaration of Independence – and the reason why is insane.

The US Chronicle reports:

Her statements came as a bill was introduced that would require fourth through sixth grade students to recite a portion of the Declaration of Independence.

Norton opposed the bill, giving a long and rambling explanation of her thoughts, or lack there of. To quote her brilliance:

“One thing that I know is, that all men are not created equal. When I think back in 1776, July the fourth, African Americans were slaves.”

“For you to bring a bill, and request that our children would recite the Declaration, I think it’s a little bit unfair to us. To ask those children to recite something that’s not the truth.”

“For you to ‘ax’ our children to repeat the Declaration, stating that, ‘All mens are free,’ I think that’s unfair.”

“In 1776, Dr. King was not even born. He was not even… African Americans were in slavery. So, since they were in slavery, in the Declaration of Independence day, we were all treated equ… we were all created equal… we were not created equal because in 1776, July the fourth, I, nor you, nor any of us were born.

Nor was Dr. King born. So, we were in slavery, and to have our children to repeat, to repeat again and again documents that was not even validated… I don’t think that that’s fair.”

In all fairness, Great Britain probably did see the Declaration as an unprecedented microaggression.

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