Heartless Democrats Stop Eric Trump From Raising Money to Help KIDS WITH CANCER

It isn’t something you’re likely to hear about in the media much, but Eric Trump is a champion for children with cancer. Over the years, he has raised millions of dollars for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude’s is a non-profit medical organization focused on treatment and research for children’s diseases, including cancer. Research from St. Jude’s, for example, has increased the survival rate of childhood cancers by 60%. And parents are never turned away for an inability to pay.

Yet thanks to bitter and angry Democrats, Trump won’t be able to fundraise for St. Jude’s anymore.

The controversy started when the Eric Trump Foundation sent out a tweet, asking people to bid on a private coffee with Ivanka Trump in either New York City or Washington, D.C., adding that all proceeds would benefit St. Jude’s:

Liberals quickly denounced this as a “conflict of interest”. And Trump announced that, because of the backlash, he would stop fundraising. “As unfortunate as it is, I understand the quagmire,” he said. “You do a good thing that backfires.”

Donald Trump weighed in on the situation, slamming liberals for preventing Trump from raising money for children with cancer:

These liberals should be ashamed of themselves.

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