Democrats Distracted Everyone With Flynn’s Russian Call So They Could Secretly Commit This HUGE Scandal — Too Late Now!

Many issues have taken up the public dialogue in recent months. So many scandals even that Democrats were able to wipe their scandals under the rug without anyone being the wiser. That was until now. Wikileaks has re-emerged to expose the Democratic Party.

Julian Assange released information on his website indicating and proving that dozens of members of the mainstream liberal media were in secret and covert cahoots with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

The Flynn controversy has also distracted from the scandal that three Muslim information technology employees from the Obama administration were fired for accessing congressional members computers networks with no permission. Their names are Abid, Imran and Jamal Awan.


These were guys in their mid-twenties making six figure incomes who had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and could not even pass a basic background check. Talk about an inept administration. Or a plant? Either way, President Obama allowed it. And national security could very well have been at risk.

Unlike Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, Democrats have not decried this scandal. They have not denounced the undercover work between the media and the Clinton campaign. They have not denounced the criminal actions of these three information technology workers that hacked Congress. That is a mighty big double standard they have got.

Yet they have the audacity to treat Republicans as treasonous barbarians for not jumping on the impeachment bandwagon for Donald Trump or automatically gagging and torturing Michael Flynn for unsubstantiated claims he had contact with a Russian ambassador. This is why people hate the Democrat party.

They do not even follow the rules they judge everyone else by and it takes away validity from their argument. It makes them appear weak minded and hypocritical because that is exactly what they are being. Americans deserve better than this.

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