Democrats Make Big Show Of Gun Control ‘Sit In,’ Behind The Scenes They’ve Got A ‘Buffet Rule’

Democrats held a sit in in the chambers of Congress to demand a vote on gun control bills after the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida. They are being praised by the liberal media is “heroic.” Rep. John Lewis from Georgia even compared it to marching on Selma. In chambers they chanted, “no bill, no break!” All the Democrat’s were praised by President Obama for their stance on bringing gun control legislation. Birds of a feather certainly flock together.

But after sixteen hours they decided to stop. Because they needed some beauty rest. But more importantly… they needed food. They certainly don’t let an empty stomach get in the way of a “social justice crusade.”

They could be seen all over social media,

Congress was called to a break after 3 A.M. They aren’t expected to return until July 5th. Their “heroic” actions led to nothing as a vote on gun control did not come to fruition.

On the plus side the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee certainly benefited from their preposterous publicity stunt that wasted tax payer dollars. After midnight they sent around 6,000 emails asking for donations between $1-$250. The letter was signed by minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

The letter read,

“This is a historically important moment! John Lewis has been leading a sit-in on the House floor for 11 long hours now. We’re fighting to prevent gun violence. The Republicans refuse to lift a finger. It’s shameful. I need your help to defeat them once and for all.”

Perhaps if Democrats spent the amount of time wasted on this sit in nonsense on combating radical Islamic terrorism the real problem would be dealt with already. But of course they can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. Or in this case, a good donation.

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