HOLY CRAP! Look What Democrats Are Putting In Muslim Refugee Baskets Who Come To America!

The Democratic Chairwoman of Nebraska posted a video online explaining the refugee welcome baskets they were putting together for newly resettled families. What she says in the video and shows will not be shocking at all. She starts off the video by explaining that Nebraska accepts the most refugees on a per capita basis than any other state in the country.

She claimed it was due to the mixture of small and big towns as well as a strong network of church communities who assist them in transitioning families. Later she began to describe the welcome baskets they had put together.

After the President instituted his temporary travel ban they called Democrats across the state to donate products to the basket. Which the Director said was successful. The baskets have items such as rice cookers, diapers, kitchen utensils, toilet paper, and any type of house necessity one can think of.

The video is so blatantly biased with the Director saying it was the work of Democrats to accept and bring in these refugees. She held a letter that is put in each basket from the Democratic Party welcoming them to their state. It is so obvious what they are doing.

They are trying to paint the picture of the tolerant and accepting Democrats and the racist Republicans who want them gone. In the long run, when these refugees become citizens they will register to vote. It’s so obvious the Democratic Party is simply looking for an increase in voter turnout. Considering the voter registration is inside the envelope the woman held in her hand in the video it’s clear what is being done.

Democrats complain about Republicans gerrymandering districts to suit their election. But this is nothing more than immigration gerrymandering by trying to increase the number of people who vote in their party. There is nothing benevolent about their actions.

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