WATCH: Democrats Get Laughed Off The Floor For Objecting To Donald Trump Becoming President

It’s been official for a while, but Congress made it OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL when they signed Donald Trump in as the 45th President of the United States. Trump’s certification to be President came with multiple objections from the Democrats.

Democrats continue to beg for democracy, but then they throw a crying fit when they lose in the elections for just about anything. These are the kinds of people who run for grade school government, have a bad campaign (no one likes them), and then cry at home to their parents saying “it’s not fair!!!”

Actually, it is fair. America voted. Then we did a recount. Hillary already went home ages ago. It’s over, as Joe Biden solemnly puts it. I’m pretty sure grabby-hands Joe just wants to get the heck out of dodge and go live his life. He’s tired of this political parade filled with cartoon cars of red-shoe clowns (democrats).

Freebeacon reports – Congress officially certified Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States on Friday afternoon over the objections of Democrats.A handful of congressional Democrats objected as electoral votes for Trump were counted, but they were unable to hold up the certification process because they did not have the support of any Senate Democrats.Vice President Joe Biden presided over the proceedings. He was forced to gavel the House into order numerous times as Democrats spoke over him with their objections.At one point, during Biden informed the Democrats that “It’s over,” causing House Republicans to erupt in laughter.Just before the election results were certified, Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) pleaded for one Senate Democrat to sign on to her objections, which would have opened the session for debate. Zero senators obliged.


Democrats – you had eight years in office and all you have to show is a busted healthcare system setup to rob the Americans of money, a President who may be a radical Islamic sympathizer, and racial divide caused by the democratic disrespect for police officers and people who actually matter.

Black lives don’t matter to black lives matter. Milo said that ages ago. If you want proof, then take a look at the crime stats of Chicago, not including the recent hate crime where four black people tortured a white special needs guy.

You know who matters the most? Americans of every shape, color, and beliefs who love our country and believe in the democratic process known as VOTING FOR YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT.

America is made of of millions of great people. Doesn’t matter what color you are as long as you’re a hard working, productive, and awesome person who votes in every election to let your voice be heard.

The liberals and democrats always seem to forget that.

Americans have spoken. They’re tired of the broken democrat party filled with ant-American losers, crybabies, welfare leeches, and sea hags.

It’s time for the democrats to STFU and GTFO!!

And if the republicans mess things up for four years, then you can talk trash. Until then, either learn to work with the right wing politicians and stop being a thorn in the side, or just go hide for 4-8 years while we make America great again.

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