Democrats On The Brink Of A Coup To Overthrow Trump – Here’s SICK Plan They Just Announced

The Democrats have been incensed ever since Donald Trump was elected as president. Instead of these people pulling up their big kid pants and acting like adults they continue to throw epic temper tantrums. However, it has now gone beyond just throwing temper tantrums and waded into dangerous territories. That was proven nearly two weeks ago when a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise in the hip. Instead of Democrats calling for calm and unity in the country, they have continued their dangerous rhetoric of hate and resistance. Now, top Democrat officials are upping their ante against President Trump by planning a coup to overthrow him. 

President Trump has not wasted any time in his agenda to make America great again, and we are seeing the results already. For instance, the Supreme Court has just approved the majority of Trump’s travel ban, 300,000 people in Georgia are no longer on welfare, the stock market has been on a steady incline since the election, and Trump pulled us out of the disastrous Paris Climate Deal. These are all fantastic wins for the Trump administration and the American people. However, the left does not see it that way and is doing their best to destroy what Trump is trying to accomplish.

The left in their lust for power and greed cannot allow Trump to succeed because if he does they will be exposed for the liars and cheats they really are. Which is why former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his plans to stop Trump and it is disgusting. 

Michael Bloomberg announces plan to bypass President Trump’s agenda.

According to Associated Press:

Eager to help local leaders bypass Washington, New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s foundation is putting up more than $17 million for a new contest that encourages the nation’s mayors to address critical issues themselves.

The new effort, to be announced publicly on Monday, comes as local leaders are increasingly concerned about the impact of the Trump administration’s policies.

Thirty-five cities will ultimately win $100,000, while four more receive $1 million and one grand prize winner gets $5 million. There is no limit to the focus of the projects, but some are expected to address Bloomberg priorities such as climate change, the opioid epidemic, illegal guns, and obesity.

“It’s a critical moment to support U.S. cities,” said James Anderson, a senior official at Bloomberg Philanthropies. He suggested mayors currently face challenges “from all directions,” including overbearing elected officials in state capitals and Washington.

He did not address intensifying concerns from local leaders about President Donald Trump, whose policies on several issues clash with those of many mayors and Bloomberg himself.

Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, noted that he did not vote for Trump during an appearance last week on ABC’s “The View,” but he offered signs of tepid support for the Republican president.

“In the end, we’re a democracy. The public has spoken whether you like the results or not, other than with a little help from the Russians, he was elected,” Bloomberg said.

But Bloomberg, a former Republican turned independent, is not necessarily putting his money where his mouth is.

The new contest is part of a larger $200 million initiative aimed at helping America’s cities that he plans to announce Monday at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Miami. He is increasingly using his personal fortune to encourage policymakers to work around Washington.

Bloomberg already plays a significant role in shaping some of the nation’s fiercest policy debates, having invested millions of dollars in one advocacy group that pushes for stronger gun control and another that promotes liberal immigration policies. He has also made $80 million in donations to the Sierra Club in recent years to help combat climate change.

He last funded a similar contest for U.S. mayors in 2013, but moved the initiative to Latin America and Europe in recent years. Past winners include a project to fight childhood obesity in Chile, another to combat climate change in Sweden and a project to improve public safety in Philadelphia.

All American cities with at least 30,000 residents are eligible to apply. Applications are due in October with the winners to be announced in October 2018.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think we can clear up all those issues without having to spend $17 million dollars. If you do not want to be obese, change your eating habits and take a walk outside. The Second Amendment is not up for debate, stop doing drugs, and climate change is a myth. 

See, that was easy, right?

But, these are liberals we are talking about and this has nothing to do with helping anyone, but spending taxpayer money, and undermining President Trump. 

The Paris Climate deal was terrible for the country and would cost us jobs and billions of dollars. But, do not tell the lunatic left that, they believe that conservatives and President Trump just hate puppies and rainbows. It is almost impossible for these half-wits to understand basic economics. This deal, for instance, was only beneficial to other countries and in no way helped Americans.

By Bloomberg proposing this plan, it is his way of sticking it to the American people and Trump. It is now the time that we make our voices heard and push back against these liberal policies before it is too late.


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