BREAKING: Democrats Paid These Muslims $4 MILLION To Take Out Trump— He Is PISSED!

Right now an investigation is underway into a family of Pakistani immigrants who worked as IT employees who stole data from congressional offices computer systems. They allegedly misused their positions to access Congressional electronic records. New reports indicate that various Democratic legislators paid them over $4 million from July of 2009 to the present.

All of the Democrats involved were members who served on intelligence, homeland security, or foreign affairs committees. These IT professionals were people they almost never actually saw.

Those involved had complete access to office computer files on certain members sites. Authorities believe an off-site server was used where Congressional data was loaded onto with the knowledge or permission of the authorities.

The suspects are brothers Imran, Abid, and Jamal, as well as their two wives Hina Alvi and Natalia Sova. Their charges could potentially be criminal theft. Despite the fact that the average salary of legislative assistants on the Hill is $43,000, Imran Awan made over $1.2 million from the government since 2010. His brother Abid and sister in law made about $1 million.

One anonymous staffer said the following about Imran,

In Imran’s wife’s offices, she didn’t show up or rarely showed up and Imran would handle it. Once in a while he would take her around to the offices but after a while he stopped even putting up the illusion and did all that stuff himself. Jamal was always there, but Imran would only work odd hours.”

Over the 25,000 who have worked for the House of Representatives since 2010 only 100 have taken home more salary than Imran. Awans name appeared more than eighty times on Democratic payrolls.

Yet, the majority of the brothers time was spent in Pakistani. In early 2009 Abid was managing a car dealership during the day. Meaning they could not have actually been doing real work for the House.

Some of the legislators who paid them were Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Andre Carson, Katherine Clark, Robin Kelly and numerous others. Other reports indicate the men had ties to radical Islamic terrorism through the Muslim Brotherhood.

If this doesn’t convince you in the corruption of the Democratic Party then nothing will.

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