Democrats Are PISSED! Lifelong Dem Says She’d Vote For Trump After Wasserman Stunt (VIDEO)

While Republicans have rallied behind Donald Trump, many Democrats aren’t rallying to Hillary Clinton.

Most Republicans were against Donald Trump initially, and a “Never Trump” movement even formed as the field began to consolidate. But as candidates dropped out, their supporters gravitated to Trump. The Never Trump movement never managed to provide a viable alternative to Trump, and is mostly dead.

The same hasn’t happened on the Left side of the aisle. The liberal equivalent of the Never Trump movement has emerged in the “Bernie or Bust” crowd – a sizeable portion of the Democrat base that are Bernie diehards.

Throughout the Democrat primary, polls consistently showed roughly a third of Bernie supporters saying they would never vote for Hillary Clinton. The recently released hacked DNC emails have proven that the Democrat establishment had conspired against Bernie Sanders, and that hasn’t resonated well with his supporters.

Why would they vote for a candidate from a Party that clearly doesn’t care about who they want to be the nominee? For that reason, we can expect more Democrats to turn out for Trump in November. One of those voters was interviewed at the DNC Monday.

Via Chicks on the Right

And the media freaked out over the division in the Republican Party last week. That was a schoolyard spat compared to the divisions and drama that’s taking hold of the Democrats during their convention.

It’s so gloriously entertaining. It’s like watching a trainwreck in slow motion. I can’t look away.

One Fox News reporter found a protester outside the DNC convention in Philadelphia and they asked her about it. Here’s what she had to say:

Hopefully more Democrats out there are thinking like this.

To be honest, it’s pretty obvious why the Democrat Party doesn’t want a white male running as their candidate. If they can’t play the race or gender card, they’d actually have to defend their ideas. The Democrat Party has taken a hard turn to the Left in the past two decades, and they know they can’t defend the currently platform in the public arena.

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