Democrat’s Sneaky Plan Just Leaked Of How They Are Going To Get Hillary In To REPLACE Trump Before His Term Is Up

For months, we have heard the left screaming and crying about Hillary Clinton losing the election. They refuse to accept the fact that Clinton was not a likable candidate and the fact that she was corrupt to the core. Instead, they have focused on placing the blame on anything else but Hillary Clinton. At first, they claimed it was voter fraud but finally settled on Donald Trump colluding with the Russians. The mainstream media has been slobbering all over this non-story like a dog over a bone. Now, they have concocted a sneaky plan to oust President Trump and get Hillary Clinton as president.

Like I said earlier, the mainstream media is hell bent on pushing this fake Russian collusion narrative. Even though there has been absolutely no proof, they continue to peddle it to the masses. Recently, it has reached a fever pitch over this past week when President Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey. These leftists believe that the reason that Trump fired Comey was because he was getting too close to the truth. However, the rest of us with functioning brain cells know that is not even close to the fact.

So, leave it to CNN political commentator Sally Kohn to come up with a “straightforward plan” on how to make Hillary Clinton president. Kohn decided to tweet her plan on Twitter but it seems that she may have missed a few Civic classes in high school.

The first step in Kohn’s delusional world would be to impeach President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence. The next step would be to force a constitutional crisis. Following that there would be a call for a special election. Step four there would be an election between Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Clinton. Not, sure why they think Clinton would be a viable candidate but hey this is their insane world. Finally, Kohn assumes Clinton would win and thus making her president.

Of course, everyone reading this insane tweet noticed immediately how idiotic it sounded, and began to publically mock her.

Here is more from Hot Air on the public mockery on Sally Kohn.

I assume that by now someone has corrected Sally on the error of her ways but let’s think about that for a moment. Assume hypothetically that you could come up with some rapid fire process to trump up some charges (if you’ll pardon the wording) and boot the president out of the Oval Office. Mike Pence would then immediately be sworn in as the next president. Somewhere deep down inside the fire swamp of Sally’s imagination there is apparently a list of high crimes or misdemeanors which Mike Pence is already guilty of. Okay, let’s just go with that. So we impeach Pence and then…

Assuming that you managed this 2nd feat of impeachment so fast that President Pence would not have had time to designate a new vice president then Speaker Paul Ryan would be sworn in as president. So far so good, Sally. So now we have Paul Ryan as President of the United States and we… Call for a special election?

Pardon me for a moment while I flip through my handy pocket Constitution. Let’s see here… Nope. There doesn’t seem to be anything in here about a special election for the presidency. I suppose Hillary Clinton could run against Paul Ryan in 2020 but that doesn’t really solve your problem now does it?

This is apparently the sad state of affairs not only out in the streets right now but on the set of major cable news outlets. Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full swing and affecting the minds of liberals in terrible ways. While I may not agree very often with Sally Kohn when she writes the occasional opinion piece or expounds at length on the issues of the day on CNN, I’m fairly sure that she knows that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. But all she has left is her bitterness over the results of the election and her hatred of all things Trump.

The left has absolutely no clue on how our government works, and it is obvious by this tweet. They can hope and pray all day long that somehow Hillary Clinton will become president, but it will never happen. Instead, maybe they need to focus on visiting Hillary Clinton in prison. Because I have a feeling she will end up there sooner than later.

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