BREAKING: Democrats Stole $291 MILLION From Taxpayers, What They Did With It Will Make You SICK!

Can we all come to the conclusion that the Democrat Party is just a bunch of corrupt individuals forming a crime syndicate?! The so-called “non-profits” that are made to look like Mother Teresa formed them, are quite literally the same organizations that they take money from to help their criminal agenda.

The last administration, from 2012 to 2016, saw that the Democratic party increased its power and voting illegal voting base by using taxpayer money – Yes, YOUR money – to help illegal immigrants escape deportation, and to get all the care that they could possibly need. So how much was this money they used? The estimate is at LEAST $291 million of taxpayer funds, but you can be sure that if that was the number released, the actual number goes much higher.

As it turns out the Daily Caller went out and did the legwork by reviewing the tax returns of eight non-profit groups generally devoted to advancing the agenda of illegal aliens. One of these groups actually came out in 2016 to publicly endorse Hillary Clinton for her twice, ill-fated run for the White House, while the others distinctly relied on the Democrat candidate to help them.

The Obama Administration did its dirty work by cover of non-profits so that they could further help the illegal immigrant stay permanently in the country…And it was your tax dollars that funded these illegal actions.

Remember the National Council of La Raza? Yeah, that very same organization that spouts Hispanic supremacy…You know, the one with the name that actually translates into “The Race”. They were the ones to openly endorse Clinton, and they are the ones that are pushing for open borders, among many other anti-American policies. Remember the “Make Mexico Great Again” protest signs? Yeah. You can be sure that those came from this organization.

Let’s just come to terms with one thing: Democrats only pretend to care about minority groups ONLY because they believe they offer a chunk of the total voter block…And that in itself is completely racist.

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