Look How Democrats Have Stolen From Working Americans, “History Lesson On Your Social Security”

At the core of the Democratic versus Republican feud is one major ideological difference. Whether the issue is about the environment, taxes or gay marriage Democrats and Republicans are divided over the issue of big versus small government. Republicans favor small government while Democrats favor big government. The issue of social security is no different.

But Democrats have been using social security over the years to fund their big government spending instead of giving it to the hard working Americans who earned it and deserve to have it.

Up until the mid-1980s, social security cards expressly stated that they were not to be used for identification purposes. Since everyone in the United States now has one the phrase was taken off the card. When FDR created social security and the FICA program he promised that participating would be voluntary and that people would only have to pay 1% of their first $3,000 in their annual income.

Both are false now. Participation is mandated and people are now taxed 7.65% of their first $90,000. He also promised the money paid in would be tax deductible for their next year. But that is false.

FDR promised the taxes would be placed in a trust fund and not in a general operating fund. Thus prohibiting tax payer dollars being spent on things it should not. However, during the Johnson administration, the money was placed in a general fund and subsequently spent.

Annuity payments also began to be taxed under the Clinton and Gore administration up to 85%. Despite FDRs promise it would not be. Johnson was a Democrat who worked with a blue Congress and Senate. It was the Democratic Party who got rid of the income tax deduction in the program.

Jimmy Carter gave annuity payments to immigrants. Another Democratic President. Immigrants over sixty-five started receiving social security benefits. Yet Democrats have the audacity to tell people it is Republicans who are trying to take people’s social security away. The only people stealing from the working class is Democrats. All you have to do is read a history book to see that.

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