24 Hrs After Attack, Democrats Teamed Up With Terrorists To Do THIS To Trump – They MUST Be Stopped NOW

A former Democrat National Committee official has reportedly held a meeting with a convicted bomber and former drug dealer. The reason for the meeting? Well, it wasn’t so they can talk about planting gardens or working on making neighborhoods nice. They were meeting to discuss digging up dirt on President Donald Trump.

It’s one thing to dig up dirt on a celebrity turned President, but to meet with someone who has a criminal history puts a dingy dent in your research adventures into the dark looming secrets of Donald Trump.

Alexandra Chalupa is hardcore anti-Trump, so meeting with the namely “Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin was no big deal. They might be teaming up to do some deep research, but I don’t think they’ll find much. Trump has been in the limelight for ages and not much has come up. He’s also rather boring, so I don’t think there will be too many exciting stories to tell. He doesn’t drink alcohol, so there sure won’t be any late night binges that reveal Trump surrounded by strippers like an NBA player.

What do you really expect to find on someone who’s been popular for years and is already an outspoken person on their own? There can’t be much more than meets the eye with Trump. He wears it on his person and says whatever he wants. He’s all there already.

Alexandra Chalupa, a former Democrat National Committee official, found an answer to that problem: meeting with a convicted bomber and former drug dealer in order to get dirt on Trump.

Chalupa — an anti-Trump activist with ties to the government of Ukraine — met with so-called “Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin and South African-born Israeli national Yoni Ariel.

Kimberlin was convicted of a series of bombings in Speedway, Indiana, in 1978. Police suspected Kimberlin had used the bombings to distract from the murder of a woman who was the mother of an employee at a business he used to launder money from his drug-dealing activities. Kimberlin was a suspect in that murder, according to Breitbart.

Later, according to Time, Kimberlin engaged in a campaign where he offered to pay anyone who had evidence that President George W. Bush rigged the 2004 election. If you’re beginning to notice a pattern here, you’re not alone.

When you’re so desperate to research the President that you reach out to a previous criminal, then I don’t know that it does your research any good. You might lose credibility on anything you find due to the past actions of the teammate you’ve selected.

If the DNC old timer wanted to grab some Harvard researchers, then maybe people would take her serious. But she picked a bomber/drug dealer and that gives her a disadvantage already. Not that we care about that, but let’s be honest – what WAS she thinking?

People will say “how low can you go” and that’s exactly what she should expect from teaming up with a bomb maker.

If they dig up anything, which I doubt they will considering Trump’s history as a celebrity has been rather boring, then whatever they find will face scrutiny based on the history of the those conducting the research.

And, she’s a democrat. They’re not very reliable to begin with considering their history of voter fraud and other scams. You know, like pandering to the poor for votes, but the poor always remain poor. False hopes is their main agenda.

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