After Democrats Ignored Trump This Muslim Refugee Brutally RAPED 13-Yr-Old, And Left Her A Disgusting Surprise

Right now the federal courts maintained a halt on President Trump’s immigration order. However, what we just found out proves we need it now more than ever, despite protestations to the contrary. A refugee from Salt Lake City, Utah was criminally charged with raping and impregnating a thirteen-year-old minor.

DNA was collected from the baby that was just born to prove he was the father. But the mainstream media isn’t reporting on his crimes. The predator was 52-year-old William Piol Makuei. The Utah Attorney General’s Office officially charged him on Wednesday. His crimes are two counts of rape which is a first-degree felony.

Investigators found he raped her numerous times. One time he got her drunk. On a separate occasion, the victim was walking home from the store when the predator drove up behind her and got her to join him. The police reports and charges state,

She then fell asleep. When she woke up, her clothes were off,” the charges state. William threatened that ‘something bad would happen’ to her family if she did not get in the car.”

He is a Sudanese refugee who lived in the same community as the victim. They were able to match his DNA with the sample from the child by using a discarded cigarette butt he left on the ground outside his vehicle. The charges also stated,

Investigators collected the cigarette butt and submitted it to Sorensen Forensics for DNA for paternity testing. On Jan. 19, 2017, Sorensen Forensics returned a report that the sample from William Piol Makuei was a match for the father of (the child).”

A similar crime occurred last year in Twin Falls, Idaho. The Dakotas, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky are also states that are known to be sanctuary city providers who house thousands of refugees.

It seems like our country’s generosity has been taken advantage of and manipulated. Instead of doing good for others we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by ruling our country with our heart and not our head.

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