Dems In Mass Panic After Embarrassing Picture Surfaces Of Hillary Unable To Stand Without Assistance

Hillary Clinton was mid speech when she randomly lost balance and one of her helpers rushed to keep her standing. People are concerned about her health issues, but the Democrats insist there’s nothing wrong and continue to portray Clinton in perfect health.

needs help

Fury News – Hillary and the Democrats continue to deceive the public into thinking she’s in picture perfect health, a disturbing picture has just surfaced that they are frantically trying to bury. While giving a recent campaign in Los Angeles and delivering a speech to a large audience, Hillary had to be assisted to complete the simple task of standing. One of her handlers can be seen rushing to her aid holding onto her arm to make sure that she didn’t collapse while speaking to the audience.

It’s fine if she has health issues. She’s getting older and people who age often have issues with their health. There’s no problem with her having a health issue and it’s perfectly normal for someone her age to have problems.

The problem is with the delusional leftists who won’t accept that their candidate may be unhealthy. They won’t accept it.

If she really is too unhealthy to be the President, then we need to know for sure. The reason is because her backup Veep is more of a hackup than a backup.

IF Hillary Clinton became POTUS and her health took her out of office, then we’re stuck with that no-name no-talent Tim Kaine as a President.

The public deserves to know if Hillary health is failing. Even the democrats deserve to know the truth because I don’t think anyone wants Tim Kaine leading this country.

This goes further then left vs right. This is a think ahead situation in which we can’t fathom Hillary’s VP as a President.

I can’t picture Tim Kaine leading the country if Hillary magically won but had health issues and couldn’t continue.

Can you?

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