While Dems Were “Sitting” To Promote Gun Control, Obama DID THIS TERRIBLE THING!


Never let the left’s childish behavior of the Left hide their sinister intentions.

While we were all distracted by the “sit-in” held by the crybabies in Congress, Obama was busy putting more people in danger than gun control likely wood.

Remember when Obama campaigned on closing Guantanamo Bay? You probably wondered where the terrorists housed there would end up. I mean, if we’re imprisoning terrorists, what difference does it make where they’re geographically imprisoned?

Well, apparently Obama isn’t concerned where these terrorists wind up, as long as they’re not imprisoned.

Conservative Post reports:

Yesterday media blasted everywhere what happened in Congress. Democrats lawmakers doing a “sit-in” for gun control.

Well, meanwhile Obama released another terrorist from Guantanamo Bay.

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Most probably this man will train a little more and will come back to fight our soldiers or enter our nation as a refugee. YEAH, it’s not the first time that something like this happens.

With Obama constantly releasing terrorists back to the battlefield, groups like ISIS don’t really need to worry about finding new recruiters, as he’s pretty much doing the job for them.

Real nice.

Obama has made prison reform a central part of his final year in office. In light of information like this, that should horrify you.