Denmark wants to deport radical imams following leaked stoning comments

From The Daily Caller News Foundation

The Danish parliament is looking for ways to fight radical Islam by banning foreign imams from the country.

A number of imams in Denmark have been exposed for preaching extremist messages to their congregants. A recent documentary on public television showed an imam calling for divorced women who engage in adultery to be stoned to death.

“If a woman commits adultery, she should be stoned to death,” Imam Abu Bilal said, not knowing he was secretly being filmed.

The footage adds to a previous scandal from 2014, when a mosque announced its endorsement for the Islamic State.

“We want the Islamic State to come out on top,” the chairman of the mosque said in a public statement. “We want an Islamic state in the world.”

Politicians across the political spectrum agree that something needs to happen to curb the trend. Marcus Knuth, integration spokesman for the ruling Left party wants to ban foreign imams.

“I believe we should go further [than the proposed European cooperation], and see whether we can deport all foreign imams that come to Denmark,” Knuth said, according to The Local. “I’m not saying it’s possible under current laws, but we should look into it.”


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