Deployed Soldier Gives The Greatest Christmas Gift a Family Could Want (VIDEO)


A soldier returning home from Afghanistan gave his family a surprise present this Christmas — himself jumping out of a gift-wrapped box.

Patrick Conwell had spent the past nine months on a tour of duty in the Middle East and wanted to do something special for the holidays when he returned to Nashville, Tennessee. He enlisted his brother Matthew for help.

Matthew told his mother, father, and sister that he and his pregnant wife were going to hold a party to reveal the gender of their coming child. They set up a giant box next to their Christmas tree which he told his family would he open up and reveal either a pink or blue balloon inside.

But instead, Conwell was hiding inside, wearing his fatigues and holding a green balloon.

In a YouTube video posted by Conwell on Tuesday, Patrick’s brother and sister ask their mother if she thinks it’s a boy or a girl.

“I don’t want to say what I think it’s going to be,” Patrick’s mother said, before predicting that it will be a girl.

“Whatever it is, we’re going to be thrilled,” she added.

The box was then opened and the green balloon floated out before Conwell surprised his family.

His mother jumps back from shock and shrieks before running to embrace her son.

The family also learned that his sister-in-law will be giving birth to a baby girl.

Courtesy of Fox News

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