Despite all of this, our soldiers have time to share their time and compassion for the animals they meet along the way. What they offer in return is comfort and the goodness in the world that they are fighting for…

Israel Defense Soldier serving his country and saves a kitten all in one day. Not too shabby.

Israeli Soldier Kitten

Marines during the Battle of Okinawa giving water to a baby goat.

He’s found his safe place…

Luring this little cat out of where he shouldn’t be with a treat.

There are no words…

An unusual pet to have at home, the perfect one for being in the field.

Soldier Fox

Feeding a little kitty.

U.S. Marine in the South Pacific, 1943, with a baby pig.

So comfy, it’s nap time.

Corporal Michael Deliman returns from France with a rabbit in 1944.

After a long day there’s nothing like a loving lick.

Image credit: Pinterest

She’s got a great view from up there.

Image credit: Pinterest

Looks like this guy found a new home.

Dog Soldier New Home

Nursing a baby kitten too small to eat solids.

Baby Kitten Soldier


Two Dog Soldier

American soldier sharing a handshake with a kangaroo in 1942.

American Soldier Kangaroo Imgur

Sharing a snack.

Snack Dogs Soldier Imgur

A soldier feeding a goat in Vietnam.

This one is coming home.

Screen Shot

And finally: Smoky. This Yorkie was found in New Guinea during WWII. She became part of the Military, serving in many invaluable ways to her owner, Corporal William A. Wynne, even saving his life by warning him of incoming shells.

Image credit: Pinterest

The wars we fight may be different each time, but one thing remains the same: Our soldiers are brave and compassionate people that represent the heart and soul of America.

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