Trash-Talking Designers Who Refused To Dress Melania Get WORST News Of Their Lives Today

WOW! This Tom Ford guy really loves himself, doesn’t he? Wait until you hear this douche talk about himself and his clothes line…and yes, attempt to insult Melania.

Now he’s learning the hard way that trying to bully Melania was a very bad idea.

He made an appearance on “The View” back in December and took it upon himself to state that YEARS ago he was asked to dress Melania Trump but that he…. declined.

When he was asked why he declined to dress Melania his response was…she wasn’t really “his image”.

I’m sorry Mr. Ford, but exactly what is your image? Does it start with SCUM and end with BAG?

What a pompous bully.

He just insulted the First Lady of the United States, and he is proud of that? This is a guy that needs a serious reality check.

Of course, as he said himself, other than the fact that he is a Democrat and voted for Hillary Clinton his snooty clothes were just simply TOO expensive for any first lady to wear.

….yet he did dress Michelle Obama once, back in 2011 when she went for to Tea with Queen Elizabeth in the Buckingham Palace.

Here’s that dress…

Yes, Mr. Ford…looks like the most expensive white bed sheet ever.

Anyhow, in an interview with “Fox & Friends”, now President Trump was asked about Ford’s comments and in response he said that Melania never asked the arrogant fashion designer to dress her in his clothing.

Furthermore stating that neither he nor Melania even like Ford’s designs.

So … there’s that. He’s a liar.

Trump also told us something pretty funny that happened shortly after Ford’s insult against Melania. A little something I like to call KARMA!

Via Conservative Tribune:

In an interview with “Fox & Friends” that aired Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump was asked about Ford’s comments and said that neither he nor his wife had ever approached the designer about wearing any of his clothing.

Trump said that he and Melania don’t even like Ford’s designs.

Trump added that hotel owner Steve Wynn called him and said he thought what Ford said was so terrible that Wynn removed all of the designer’s clothing from of his hotel.

A representative for the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel told the U.K. Daily Mail on Wednesday, “Wynn Las Vegas confirms it removed the Tom Ford line of cosmetics and sunglasses from the resort this past weekend.”


The remarks on Ford start at 3:05

Whatever happened to “When they go low, we go high”?

HAH! Isn’t that the joke of the century.

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