DON’T LAUGH: Desperate Dems Roll Out “TRUST HILLARY” Campaign!

If the Democrats told you that 1+1=3 you wouldn’t believe it, and that’s what they’re asking us to believe in asking us to trust Hillary.

Where is the evidence that she’s trustworthy? Her scandals are countless, whether it be Whitewater, insider trading allegations, Benghazi, her email scandal, or a dozen other you’d forgot about.

Now, Democrats are launching a “Trust Hillary” campaign. Yes, that woman who spent three and a half hours speaking with the FBI last Saturday – trust her. InfoWars reports:

The ‘trust Hillary’ talking point has begin to be heavily injected into public appearances and media outings by Democrats, presumably at the behest of party leaders who know that the American people, and even Hillary’s most staunch supporters, know she has built a career on deceit.

Sen. Sherrod Brown and Labor Secretary Tom Perez, both in the running as potential VP picks, appeared on Sunday news shows and made efforts to convince viewers that Hillary is honest.

“I trust Hillary Clinton in part because for a whole lot of reasons, in part, because I know how she started her career advocating for the Children’s Defense Fund. She didn’t do off to Manhattan or to Washington to make a lot of money.” Brown stated on ABC’s ‘This Week’ after reeling off a list of things Hillary has ‘released to the public’, not mentioning the fact that in almost all cases such releases have been under legal duress.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Tom Perez described Clinton as a “steady hand,” adding “the Hillary Clinton that I’ve gotten to know well and the Hillary Clinton that the voters of New York got to kick the tires on very well, they have always said and consistently said that ‘we trust her.’”

If they want to “trust” Hillary – fine. But if they’re going to go through all the mental gymnastics required to do so, they’ll find it much easier to just support Donald Trump instead.

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