Desperate Liberals Caught in Texas Trying To SCREW Trump & Flood Victims – Look What They Did After He Left!

As tens of thousands of Americans suffer the aftermath of the catastrophic hurricane that ripped through their communities, you’d think this could be one time in our country all Americans would come together and put aside their political differences. But sadly, that’s not the case. The left is continuing their warpath against our president, where liberal groups gathered in Texas to block rescue efforts to protest Trump as he arrived in Texas to comfort the suffering community on Tuesday. After discovering the criminal plot of Muslim Linda Sarsour stealing money from hurricane victims on Wednesday, we all thought liberals’ antics couldn’t get any worse. But the leftist clowns over at CNN have just upped the ante on liberal shamelessness, in an unbelievable propaganda stunt against President Trump that will leave you stunned.

Trump has been very vocal in publicly shaming CNN and their endless barrage of fake news since the day he took office. But despite being caught with their pants down on numerous occasions with peddling straight-out lies to the American people, CNN is still shameless in their determination to broadcast propaganda. While a misquote here or there isn’t a huge deal, the anchors at CNN were just caught staging a entirely FAKE rescue in Texas, as a way to paint their liberal anchors into heroes, and take the positive media spotlight off of President Trump.

The fake segment over on CNN began with the “breaking news” headline that read: “DRAMATIC: CNN Crew Rescue Driver from Car Drifting in Flood Waters in Beaumont, Texas! A rain-soaked Drew Griffin can be seen giving hurricane updates to the camera, when he “suddenly notices” a truck being swept away behind him. The “live scene” suddenly cuts, as liberal “hero” Drew Griffin then rushes to assist the man trapped in his vehicle, which on the surface, is a heroic stunt certainly worthy of applause.

There’s just one HUGE PROBLEM. The entire thing was completely staged! Several detail-oriented people on the internet inspected the video, where some major inconsistencies were revealed, proving that the entire event was orchestrated so CNN talking heads could look like the Hurricane Harvey heroes.

Allen B. West reported:

Twitter user referring to himself as RedPill “Journalist/Reporter for Goldwater, Connoisseur of Truth, Logic, Reason” noticed a few strange things about the supposed ‘rescue’ — first and foremost being that Griffin seems to have squeezed in a wardrobe change during the ‘tense seconds’ while saving a man.

Redpill then took several clips from the video and broke it down further, highlighting the evidence that proved the entire clip was fake:

Between takes of their fake news scene, Drew Griffin decided to have a little wardrobe change where seconds later he appears in the frame wearing shorts!

Apparently CNN’s viewership is so freaking low that these clowns are now resorting to elaborate hoaxes in order to increase their ratings! RedPill, who uncovered the hoax, then sarcastically pointed out how Griffin was such a stud during the rescue that he was able to even keep a microphone on him while saving a man’s life.

Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, put CNN on blast after learning about about these liberals’ outlandish exploitation of hurricane victims in order to increase their ratings.

“With the eyes of the world watching the drama unfolding in Texas, with rescuers working themselves to the point of dropping from exhaustion and the sheer scope of human tragedy taking place, the very idea that CNN (or anyone else) would exploit the victims of this disaster is beyond the pale even for that beleaguered outfit.”

This isn’t the first time that CNN has been caught pushing fake news, as these fake purveyors were the ones spreading the Trump-Russian hooker “scandal” earlier this year and continue to invent fake news to slander Trump. Back in 2013 before Trump was even in office, CNN was reporting on a kidnapping story where they made it look like they were conducting a “satellite interview” between anchor Nancy Grace (allegedly in Cleveland) and reporter Ashleigh Banfield (allegedly in Phoenix) when it was later exposed that both women were in the same parking lot.

It’s absolutely sick how CNN would hijack this tragedy and pull this incredible hoax in order to make it look like they’re the hurricane victim heroes. These clowns are obviously frantic to steal the lime light away from Trump, as he continues to do an incredible job with coordinating rescue and aid efforts across Texas. As they continue to try and paint President Trump as a “heartless” president who isn’t showing “empathy” for Texas storm victims, Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s rave reviews of Trump’s job so far with an A+ rating is making liberals completely lose their minds.

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H/T [Allen B. West]

TRIGGER WARNING: Prissy Holly is a conservative journalist, professional shi*t starter and disgruntled military vet who is very outspoken and doesn’t give a flying crap about your feelings when exposing the truth. If you want your daily dose of news delivered in the most politically incorrect way as possible, make sure you follow Prissy!

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