DESPICABLE! 70-year-old Christian woman STRIPPED NAKED AND PARADED Through Streets By MUSLIM Mob

What if this was your mother or grandmother? How would you feel? Islam is nothing but a cancerous stain on humanity. I don’t care if people get angry at me for that.

Everyday we hear about the barbaric things Muslims do to innocent people. They are no different than the Nazis..In fact they are the new modern day Nazis.

The world needs to rise up against this evil insanity. I saw this comment on Pamela Geller’s site that gives the perfect examples Muslims continue to use as excuses for barbaric acts committed in the name of Allah: Here are the 8 tactics that are used to defend Islam and muslims, either intentionally or unintentionally –

1] Equating Muslims with others – E.g – Christians also do this, Jews also do that – This vindicates Islam and Muslims

2] Equating Islamic scriptures with others – E.g – Christianity has violent verses too, Judaism has such verses too – This exculpates Islamic doctrine

3] PC card – E.g – You are a racist, you are a bigot, you are a Nazi, that is Islamophobia et al – This intimidates folks into silence

4] Moderate Muslims card – E.g – Only a small percentage of Muslims are terrorists, that is radical Islam, majority of Muslims are moderate et al – This acquits Muslims

5] Victim card – E.g – America has done this, America has done that, poor Muslims are fleeing from their countries et al – This generates sympathy for Muslims. It is almost impossible to see someone as an enemy, if you sympathize with them.

6] Equivalence card – E.g – All religions are violent, all religions have committed violence, all religions are equal et al – This absolves Islam and Muslims

7] Downplaying, minimizing, trivializing the Islamic threat – E.g – That is a conspiracy theory, that is not a big deal, that will never happen, Muslims are only 5%, atheism is growing et al – This prevents folks from realizing the actual scope of Islamic threat and has the effect of making folks ‘look the other way’ and not oppose Muslims.

8] Manipulating Quranic verses and hadiths – E.g – This is out of context, this is misinterpretation, this verse is peaceful (juxtaposed with violent one), giving the watered-down, sugar-coated translation et al – This leads to confusion, and eventually exonerates Islamic doctrine

From Pamela Geller

The Nazis did this to the Jews. It’s the same thing.

As if it weren’t enough. the Muslim mob also burned down seven homes belonging to Christian families, according to an unusually outspoken statement issued by the local Orthodox Coptic church.

“Elderly Christian woman stripped naked and paraded through streets by mob,” By Adam Withnall, The Independent, May 26, 2016:

The 300-strong mob of Muslim men in rural Egypt also burned down seven homes belonging to Orthodox Coptic families, over rumours of an affair between a local Christian man and a Muslim woman

A 70-year-old Christian woman has been stripped naked, beaten and paraded through the streets by a mob of around 300 Muslim men in a village in southern Egypt. Read More

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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