DESPICABLE: 9/11 Museum Gets ‘Entertainment’ Award At Disneyland, runner up to Harry Potter


You wont believe this one, but the World Trade Center 9/11 Museum has just won an award from Disney for best ‘themed entertainment’.

This has really enraged victims’ families, rightfully so,  who state museum officials have embarrassed and made a complete mockery of Ground Zero.

Can you guess who was the 9/11’s biggest competition? None other than The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida. This is the level they just placed the museum on.


The 9/11 Museum, which just announced it’s had two million visitors since opening last May, won the award for “Extraordinary Cultural Achievement.”

Sally and Al Regenhard, whose firefighter son Christian was killed on 9/11, said the award bolsters their opposition to the museum storing victims’ unidentified body parts.

“What more evidence do the grieving 9/11 families need that their loved one’s precious remains are being desecrated in a freak show at Ground Zero?” they said in a statement. “This award just shows the 9/11 Museum heads have a moral compass that points to money rather than ethics.”

The admission-charging museum boasts about the award on its website, noting the THEA judges found it “conveys its important story with eloquence and emotional power while allowing for thoughtful reflection, learning, and tribute by every visitor.”

The museum’s vice president for exhibitions, Amy Weisser, was set to speak at the gala.


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