Details Of Obama’s Backdoor Refugee Deal With Australia Now Prove Treason

Look at the refugees pouring in from Syria, and you’ll notice a surprising lack of Christians. Of the over 12,000 refugees Obama has brought in from Syria, only 56 have been Christians. Most of them are also fighting-age men, not women and children.

It makes NO sense, considering that they’re at the highest risk from ISIS, and that we suffer the potential consequence of terrorists slipping through the cracks (and there aren’t exactly any Christian extremists wreaking havok on the world right now).

It hasn’t been reported in the mainstream media, but before leaving office, Obama has arranged a deal to take 2,500 Muslim refugees who’ve been rejected by Australia. Why did Australia reject them? Because the risk of terrorists was too great, of course.

As Conservative Daily Post reported:

Australian news columnist Nick Adams has just reported on the details of the Australia refugee deal that Obama made recently.

The evidence now shows that Obama traded 2,500 Christian refugees for thousands of Muslim illegal immigrants. See for yourself below!

This is not what someone who has the best interests of the American people in mind does. The Senate and House Judiciary chairmen called on the White House Tuesday to declassify the details of the arrangement, as it’s a secret deal. The refugees are currently being held in offshore detention facilities…. which totally isn’t suspicious at all.

Hopefully Obama isn’t going to complete thsi before Donald Trump takes office, whereas he’ll be able to block Obama’s plans. The fact that he’s waiting until the last two months of his Presidency to try to pull a stunt like this goes to show how controversial he knows it is. It’s also the same reason the liberal mainstream media hasn’t reported on it. They know how damaging such news about a secret deal going public would be to the public’s perception of Obama and his legacy. Well, now you know the truth! Share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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