DETROIT: Young Thugs Knock Out Elderly Man During Attempted Robbery (VIDEO)

When will black lives actually start caring about other black lives? Every week we see multiple attacks on blacks from within their own community. 

When they start addressing their real issues, maybe people will take #BlackLivesMatter a bit more seriously. But right now they are a damn joke! 

From GWP:  Detroit police released video this week of a brutal knockout attack during an attempted robbery.The suspects knocked an elderly man out during an attempted robbery. The second suspect hit the man after he fell unconscious to the ground.

From the video:

ideo from a surveillance camera in a Detroit liquor store shows the brutal attack of a 64-year-old man during an attempted robbery that happened last weekend.

Police released the video Friday with the hope that someone will recognize the three men who were involved.

The video shows the three confronting the victim Saturday evening as he stood in a liquor store in the 12800 block of Plymouth Road. One of the men said, “Give me some money,” and punched the victim in the face, police said.

The video shows the victim being hit a second time while he is on the ground.

Police also released video of the three men leaving in a silver Dodge Caliber.

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