DEVELOPING: 1 Million People on Food Stamps Get Some Major Bad News



Due to a stricter set of various state measures that determine food stamp benefits for welfare recipients, new reports are indicating that food stamp enrollment in 2016 will likely drop by one million recipients.

Some of the measures in place involve mandatory job training or meeting minimum weekly work hour requirements in order to receive aid for more than three months.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities predicts that because of the new requirements, many current welfare recipients will simply be dropped.

The new measures will certainly make a dent in the pool of rampant welfare abusers who simply take government handouts instead of working for their food, simply because it’s easier.

Take a look at this shocking chart that shows the payout level of welfare benefits by state.

Obviously, people with disability claims will not fall under these new state requirements, and in some cases people with dependents will also be exempt from the new rules (H/T OpposingViews).

While that still means millions of others with children and false disability claims will be able to collect more than three months of food stamps, this at least motivates those without disabilities and children to get off the couch and learn how to contribute to society instead of depending on President Barack Obama for that bag of potato chips.

Many states don’t currently have viable job training programs in place, so these new requirements may spur the creation of an environment aimed at getting people off the couch and back into productive positions.

Food stamp numbers have already decreased somewhat in past years, but with the requirement that states eliminate the time exemptions that many welfare recipients  have abused, combined with new laws in some states that require drug testing of aid recipients, welfare rolls will likely drop further next year.

But not far enough.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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