DEVELOPING: Here’s the Plan States Are Launching to Defy Obama


The 2014 midterm elections were a booming time for state Republicans. With a net pickup of 2 Governor spots and a number of other congressional gains, Republicans haven’t had such a prime opportunity to make real change in close to a century.

Though conservatives aren’t fully confident that Republicans will pursue anything more than a light Republican agenda in Washington, there’s tons of potential on the state battlefront. Conservatives and Republicans have worked together in the past, at the state level, to drive Common Core out of 3 states and enact tax reform in a number of others.

This time around, the exciting buzz revolves around an underutilized method for checking federal power found in Article V of the Constitution. A convention of the states is provided for in Article V, and it allows states to come together and work to amend the Constitution. This is a viable option to check a federal government that hasn’t done America much good for a long, long time.

There are already state leaders holding meetings concerning resurrecting the Article V powers the Founders inserted for times like these. (H/T Breitbart)

There are a couple of hot issues which could be tackled using Article V powers. It takes 34 states to convene and call draft amendments for an issue and Congress can’t do anything about it. It then takes 38 state legislatures to ratify the changes. Again, no Congressional intervention whatsoever.

As of right now, Republicans control the legislature in an impressive 31 states. In 8 more states they at least partly control the legislature – so there’s a lot of potential for big things to happen in 2015.

One of the primary issues state leaders are talking about involves term limits. Balancing the federal government’s budget is another issue that receives much attention.

If the states manage to accomplish a “Convention of the States” to put an end to gross federal overreach, which looks possible at this point, it could have lasting, positive impact on the government and send a clear message to federal legislators that they no longer have blank checks and unlimited power that they’ve become accustomed to wielding.

National conservatives need to step away from the Hill and get back to their state level constituency to help state governments kickstart their Article V strategies.

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