DEVELOPING: Israel Is Preparing to DEFY Obama, Make Massive Move to Defend Their People


Don’t you wish America had a leader who loved his people? Who had the passion to defend them rather than throw them under the bus every time he traveled abroad?

I wish we had a President who loved our nation for what it is, rather than trying to change every single aspect of it to meet his perverted versionidea

(Conservative Tribune) The mullahs in Iran must be quaking in their dingy boots, because the Israeli people just voted Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu back into office as prime minister.

Even better, they empowered his Likud Party with 30 seats in the Knesset, meaning they now possess even more power to form a conservative coalition government — one unafraid to once and for all stick it to the mullahs in Iran.

“Iran has to worry that a newly re-elected Netanyahu, with a solid win in this election, is on a much firmer base if he decides to use force against the Iranian nuclear weapons program,” former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton explained to reporters.

Had Bibi’s opponent, Labor candidate Issac Herzog, won the election, we would be having an entirely different discussion, in that Herzog aspired to follow along in U.S. President Barack Obama’s path of appeasement.

“Therefore, the ability of Barack Obama to pressure a Herzog or (Tzipi) Livni government not to act militarily against Iran would have been overwhelming,” Bolton said.

With Bibi and his party in power instead, the chances of a strike against Iran are significantly higher. This bodes exceptionally well for the Israelis, because the threat of a potential strike is the one remaining chip they have against a possible bad nuclear deal between the United States and Iran.

Whether or not a strike will actually be needed remains to be seen, though Bolton is not optimistic.

He argues that “the weakness in Obama” means more negotiating and more concessions — which in turn means a more “emboldened Iran.” (H/T WND)

His fear is that Iran’s growing strength — which for the record can be blamed squarely on President Obama’s strategy of appeasement — will inspire a nuclear arms race among Arab states like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey.

Were this to occur, the effects would be absolutely devastating, which is why it’s great to know that Israel is being led by Benjamin Netanyahu — a man unafraid to do whatever is necessary to protect his people, even if that means defying the wishes of Barack Hussein Obama.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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