Speaker of the House John Boehner has never been a favorite of the right.

Now, his RINO ways may be coming back to bite him hard.

In November, the Republicans won the largest margin in the House of Representatives since talking movies were a new technology.

You would think that, given the increase in power, Boehner would push hard for conservative causes in the lead up to January, when the Republican Party retakes both houses of Congress.

Instead, Rep. Boehner enthusiastically signed on to the now-infamous “Cromnibus” bill, the continuing resolution that kept the government running while larding the pockets of our most pork-obsessed politicians on both sides of the aisle.

The conservative rank-and-file have had enough and are starting to look elsewhere for a leader in the lower house. They may have found one in Trey Gowdy. [H/T BizPac Review.]

Rep. Gowdy, R-S.C., was one of the highest profile voices urging a vote against the Cromnibus bill and for defunding amnesty.

His conservative credentials have also been on display in House committees, including the House Select Committee on Benghazi, in which his adversarial style has won him the admiration of the grassroots of the party.

While the “Draft Gowdy” movement seems like a long shot – it’s rare for a party in the ascendancy to knife one of its own leaders as it prepares to retake both houses of Congress – it’s becoming more plausible as anger over the Cromnibus grows.

One of the places that’s seen the most support for such a move is Twitter.

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While Twitter isn’t exactly a scientific indicator of political sentiment, when people who support your party are calling you a “spineless lapdog,” it may be time to re-evaluate your options.

Even if Gowdy doesn’t make speaker this time, the future looks bright for him – and significantly dimmer for the tan crypt-keeper from Ohio, whose only remaining talent seems to be alienating his party’s core supporters.

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