DHS and FBI Issue Joint Warning About American Youth Joining ISIS Ranks


(IJ ReviewAccording to CNN, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have issued stern warnings to law enforcement agencies across the nation.

There is a growing concern that American teenagers, both male and female, are attempting to join the fight with ISIS, either at home or abroad.

The mounting anxiety comes in the wake of a 17-year-old boy being detained in northern Virginia last week, after he was accused of helping another man join isis.

CBS6 reports that “law enforcement is tracking lots of cases” across the country of young people wanting to join or aid ISIS, and that law enforcement agencies are becoming “increasingly concerned” about this growing problem.

While ISIS’s brutality has led the world (and its own clerics) to speak out against it, the warnings reveal possible motivations young men and women may have for joining the terrorist organization.

CNN reports:

“For boys: they tend to be older going over to fight and be a part of foreign fighters, or they want to attack in the U.S. (like the Brooklyn case). For girls: they tend to be younger and have a fanciful notion of what life is like in Syria. They often want to go over and be Islamic brides.”

This isn’t the first time that the DHS and the FBI have issued warnings about isis and other terrorist threats at home.

Last August, a bulletin was released after threatening photos were posted to social media:

“We are in your state/We are in your cities/We are in your streets/You are our goals anywhere.”

Last December, another joint bulletin was released.

Recently, three men were arrested in Brooklyn, NY, for allegedly plotting to join isis. They reportedly had plans to attack American soldiers, hijack an aircraft so that “ISIS could gain a plane,” and one even spoke of assassinating President Obama.

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