DHS Insider: Obama Blocking Muslim Terrorist Probes, Intentionally Ignoring Surveillance!


Of course he’s blocking Muslim terrorist probes. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. We all know Obama is a Muslim..who has put Muslims in every part of our government.

If anyone expects him to do anything about Terrorists..you better think again. He ain’t going to do jack shit about it.

From InfoWars

Retired DHS officer and whistleblower Philip Haney explained why radical Islamic terrorists are falling through the cracks despite unprecedented government data-gathering.

Haney described how the Obama administration blatantly ignores the DHS intelligence-gathering efforts of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban.

“We have archives of derogatory information on these organizations going back years and years,” Haney said on the Alex Jones Show Wednesday. “We’ve done our job. But the [Obama] administration deliberately and intentionally has refused to acknowledge the existence of this information.”

“Follow the trail, find the nest – that’s counterterrorism in a nutshell.” Read More

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