DHS Just Responded With SHOCKING Statement After News Breaks Of 100K Soldiers Rounding Up Illegals Leaked Out

Things just keep going from bad to worse for all the illegals here in America who want to keep defying our country’s laws.  Shortly after President Trump started dispatching ICE agents around the country to conduct raids and round these people up, now there’s rumblings from DHS that President is a about to literally play the Trump card, in a move that has the left and illegals absolutely crapping their pants.

A breaking report coming from the Associated Press reveals that a memo obtained by the publication outlined that President Trump is considering bringing out the big boys to enforce his immigration policies. Soon as many as 100,000 of our National Guard troops could be dispatched around the country to expedite the President’s plans to get these illegals the hell out of our country. The 11-page memo discusses plans for militarizing our immigration enforcement all the way from the northern regions of our country up into Portland, Oregon, and as far east as New Orleans, Louisiana.

On Friday, the White House Press secretary denied these claims, however Spicer didn’t deny that the plan has been considered. A White House aid did in fact confirm to the Daily Mail that the idea has been “discussed,” but wouldn’t say for sure whether the plan has been formalized or recommended to the president.

Once again the Liberal media is pushing a story that is obviously false to stir up more controversy and build a larger resistance to Donald Trump in an attempt to undermine his presidency.

President Trump is dead serious about with ridding America of the hordes of illegals infesting our country, and this massive move would immediately affect MILLIONS of people illegally camping out in our country.  If the administration moved forward with the proposal, governors of the affected states would have a say, since the National Guard is controlled by the governors, unless the National Guard troops are called up for federal duty by the president.

H/T [ Daily Mail]

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