BREAKING: DHS Security Chief Announced!

On October 30th, President Barack Obama’s border and immigration secretary praised GOP Rep. Michael McCaul, spiking alarm among pro-American immigration reformers who fear that President-elect Donald Trump will pick McCaul to run the critical Department of Homeland Security.

Perhaps that was the kiss of death for McCaul, because Trump just announced his pick to head the DHS – and it ain’t him! As the Federalist Papers just reported:

Another high level pick by President-elect Donald Trump has been reported — his nominee to run the Department of Homeland Security is likely to be Gen. John Kelly, according to CBS News.

Kelly is a former Marine General who oversaw operations in Latin America, with previous experience in the Middle East as well.

To highlight a number of the man’s accomplishments and his background:

  1. Kelly retired from the Marine Corps earlier this year after leading U.S. Southern Command for three years, during which he was involved in the oversight of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay and the southern border.
  2. Kelly was picked by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to serve as his senior military adviser and then served in the same position under Leon Panetta before moving to Southern Command.
  3. Kelly complained at his last Pentagon press conference in January that after 40 years as a Marine he had the authority to watch drug dealers heading to the border by sea, but he could not disrupt them. He is believed to have a good relationship with current DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, with whom he served as Pentagon general counsel.
  4. He served three tours in Iraq, and holds the somber distinction of being the most senior military officer to lose a child in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan. His son, Marine 2nd Lt. Robert Kelly was killed in November, 2010, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Sounds a heck of a lot better than our current DHS head Jeh Johnson, who has adopted a “systematic policy” of “scrubbing” words like “jihad,” “Muslim,” and “Islam” from their counterterrorism materials.


I doubt Kelly will have a problem in calling a spade a spade.

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