Dick Cheney: Attack on America is imminent and it’ll be Deadlier Than 9/11


One of President Obamas biggest critics has been Former vice President Dick Cheney, and its by no surprise that Cheney blasts Obama on his weak foreign policy which has made America weaker than ever before.  President Obama has played community organizer with terrorist organizations believing that if we are nice to these mean men that they will somehow like America again.

What Obama fails to realize is there is nothing we can do to change these radicals minds, and by releasing their top operatives from GITMO, ISIS taking over Iraq, Syria in shambles, the middle east has become a weakened state with terrorists waiting to attack.

The Obama administration has made Jihadi’s popular around the world and gave them free rein to negotiate with our government. As he diminishes our strength and credibility we will sit here and wait for another attack like the sitting ducks we are because Americans have already forgot about 9/11


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