Did Hillary’s THUGS Have Conrad Rich & John Ashe Murdered?

Is Hillary the freaking Godfather of D.C.? A strange series of events are certainly starting to provide some good material for a Clinton mafia t.v. series. Someone should pitch that to Hollywood, and have Rosie O’Donnell dye her hair to play Hillary Clinton.

Am I right?

Anyhow, the real story is about DNC staffer, Seth Rich, and the suspicious details surrounding his sudden death by gun shots. Also an important detail…it was sudden death in the face of voter fraud allegations against Hillary’s campaign. That some are saying…he was about to unleash some info on to the FBI.

rich killed

Just a coincidence? Maybe.

But, it’s Hillary Clinton we are talking about sooooo….

The death of this DNC staffer is really too suspicious to just ignore, so let’s check out the details a little. There does seem to be a long list of people who have crossed the Clintons and well… have been ‘silenced’ before. At least that’s the word on the street where Hillary’s thugs seem to be making a name for themselves…

But is that true? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Seth Conrad Rich’s murder has captured the conspiracy theory bug and people seem to be RUNNING with it. There is talk about the young Democratic National Committee staffer being ‘silenced’ for a very specific reason.

He threatened to expose information regarding details on a massive voter fraud in favor of Hillary Clinton. Now his death alone, provides exactly what this theory needs to seem absolutely true. Motive, circumstance, and mysterious timing.

The 27-year old was killed on July 8th, during the early morning hours as he was walking home in Washington, D.C.

Now, it is Seth’s Mother who told reporters at the time, that Seth was most likely just the victim of a robbery gone bad. Here are her words:

“There had been a struggle. His hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and yet he had two shots to his back, and yet they never took anything,” his mother, Mary Rich, told NBC News.

“They took his life for literally no reason. They didn’t finish robbing him, they just took his life,” she added. “They hurt the community, and they hurt the long-term possibility of what he could have done.”


Police struggled to find leads, and Seth was still alive when they had reported to the scene of the crime, and he had said nothing to them about it being a robbery before he died from his wounds later on.

Then came everyone else’s ‘theory’ of what had happened…

Far-left and right political blogs started to suggest that maybe, Rich, who worked on voter data may have been a ‘whistleblower’ and could have used that knowledge to threaten exposing the crime committed in favor of Hillary Clinton.

There was word that he was actually on his way by foot to meet with the FBI on that very morning, when he was shot. However, that specific thought has been since debunked when his girlfriend had said she was on the phone with him and he had told her he was almost home, right before the shooting.

So what really happened that morning?

I don’t know.

However, this is what I DO know…

This is by far not the first time that someone close to Hillary has met their doom surrounded by mysterious circumstances. Just last month alone there was a man who planned to testify against Hillary who was found dead before he could…

Remember Ashe? Here’s a refresher…

rich ashe 2

The New York Post’s Page Six reported that after Ashe was found dead Wednesday, the U.N. claimed that he had died from a heart attack. Local police officers in Dobbs Ferry, New York, later disputed that claim, saying instead that he died from a workout accident that crushed his throat.

Adding to the mysterious nature of Ashe’s death was the fact that he had been slated to be in court Monday with his Chinese businessman co-defendant Ng Lap Seng, from whom he reportedly received over $1 billion in donations during his term as president of the U.N. General Assembly.

And then there was this: During the presidency of Bill Clinton, Seng illegally funneled several hundred thousand dollars to the Democrat National Committee.

Wretched woman…there really is no telling how far she would be willing to go to get what she wants.

But, that’s to be expected when you’re the spawn of Satan, right?

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