We didn’t think it was possible, Michelle Obama’s school lunches are getting WORSE


Michelle Obama’s skimpy school lunches strike again. This time, it’s sparking parental outrage, and rightly so. Honestly, how is a slap of chicken and milk a well-rounded, healthy school lunch for a growing teenage boy?

From EAGnews:

HASKELL, Okla. – A chicken patty, small scoop of mashed potatoes and carton of milk aren’t enough to sustain a high school boy.

But under the school lunch regulations championed by First Lady Michelle Obama, that’s what Haskell High School served recently.

Haskell High School senior Darrel Bunch took a photo of one of his recent skimpy school lunches and sent it to Fox 23.


“It’s mostly the portions,” Bunch says. “Last year we started getting less food.”

“Last year, my boys started calling me, ‘Can you please bring me something to eat?’ ‘We’re still hungry,’ or, ‘This is gross,” the student’s mother, Cheryl Bunch tells the news station.

Another photo taken by a different student showed a single cheese-filled bread stick with marinara sauce.


“When they serve a bread stick and marinara, it’s like, ‘Here, I’ve given up on trying to find you something nutritious and healthy,’” Cheryl Bunch says.

The school refused to allow the news station to show that day’s lunch servings. They wouldn’t even speak on camera.

Michelle Obama’s sorry lunch saga is a perfect example of what happens when the Nanny State takes over. They think you’re too stupid to know how to feed your kid, so they took over. The problem is, they’re doing a terrible job.

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