President Barack Obama was marketed and sold as something of a Messiah.

He was said to be a great man, one who transcended the trivial differences that separate us mere mortals.

He was portrayed as a great uniter, a man who would bring the country together in peace and harmony for all.

By all of those accounts, among many others, Obama’s term in office has been little more than a stunningly miserable failure.

When history looks back at the Obama Presidency, it will not look kindly upon his many “accomplishments,” chief among them the fact that he has done immense damage to race relations in this country, setting them back by decades with his constant race baiting and politically driven progressive agenda.

It is this likely view that history will take of Obama that probably led conservative historian, author, and activist Dinesh D’Souza to ask a tongue-in-cheek rhetorical question on hisFacebook page:

“Hindsight: will African Americans look back one day and say, ‘We don’t deserve all the blame—he was half-white, remember?’”



The truth is, when future Americans look back on Obama’s presidency, it won’t be remembered as that of the first black president or of the first half-black, half-white president.

It will be remembered as a total and complete failure, which is already how a majority of Americans view his presidency.

Not only is Obama viewed as a failure, he is also viewed as a liar by a majority of Americans.  His complete and utter failures as president would probably be more acceptable, and perhaps written off as simple incompetence, if he would just be honest with the nation about what his policies are, how he is implementing them, and what his ultimate vision for America is.

As is, he has lied about all of those things; and what true answers they can get, the American people don’t like at all.

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