DIRTY: Insider Reveals STUNNING Contents Of Briefcase Lynch Dropped At White House

Ed Klein has written a new political book that goes into the fine details of the investigation undertaken by the Federal Bureau of Investigation into Hillary Clinton. The most scandalous piece of information he writes is that during Comey’s FBI investigation information was sent and delivered to the Oval Office by Attorney General Loretta Lynch via a briefcase.

His book is titled,”Guilty As Sin” and it is published by Newsmax. Klein also alleges that Comey knew his investigation was being undermined when he watched the news and saw Josh Earnest whose the White House Press Secretary saying that the administration had personal details of the investigation they were aware of.

“It was Jan. 29, 2016, and an aide had just handed Comey a printout of today’s White House press conference by Josh Earnest, the president’s spokesman.

There, marked for Comey’s attention, was Earnest’s response to a reporter who had asked whether Hillary Clinton was likely to be indicted as a result of the FBI’s investigation into her personal emails. “‘Based on what we know from the Department of Justice,’ Earnest said, ‘it does not seem to be headed in that direction.’ “Based on what we know!”

FBI agents who were assigned to Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s detail told Director Comey that the Attorney General had put very sensitive information concerning the investigation in a locked briefcase and sent it to the Oval Office. The Attorney General had also on several occasions brought a prosecutor with her to brief the President and his associates in the Oval Office on the investigation.

Lynch always publicly denied such meetings because they would be a direct conflict of interest and unethical. But that doesn’t stop these Democrat’s. But regardless they began in 2015 at the early stages of the investigation. Since the Director of the FBI was an intelligent man he knew that this investigation was a major factor in the upcoming presidential election cycle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Which meant he knew that this controversy should she be indicted and prosecuted would be probably one of the greatest political controversies of our time since Richard Nixon and Watergate. These excerpts from Klein’s book indicate that his book will detail how deep the Obama administration and the President himself were in on ensuring that Hillary Clinton was not indicted.  Which means they likely went to great illegal lengths to make sure the investigation ended up the way it did.

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