Disabled Football Player Who Was Hit by 18 Wheeler Truck Just Gave Kaepernick The Finger When Anthem Played

In July of 2013 Wesley Baker was hit by a 18 wheeler truck while trying to walk down the highway. He had a bright future. He was intending to go to college and play football. While he survived the injury with his life he lost a leg, suffered from brain damage and several other injuries.


Doctors unfortunately told his parents he would never walk again but fortunately he was eventually able to. While in recovery and going to physical therapy he was able to attend some football games along the way.

This past Friday he attended yet another football game at Conway High School where he was able to do something for the first time in three years that he was unable to do previously. Stand for the national anthem.


Baker’s mother posted a heartwarming message about the event on her Facebook page saying,


Wesley’s actions are in stark contrast with that of Colin Kaepernick and many other professional athletes who have followed him and decided not to stand for the national anthem. Now we see a young man who struggles with everything in him to stand and show respect to his country and his veterans yet finds a way to push forward and do so.

It is young men and women just like Wesley Baker who put people like Colin Kaepernick to shame and expose the ridiculousness to their behavior. Even someone who can’t walk found the respect to stand up and show respect while the national anthem played. Here is hoping that other young adults, both men and women, follow Wesley’s example.

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