From Mad World News: A disabled veteran is writing an open letter to the 113th Congress and the President. “There is no common sense left.”

A disabled veteran discouraged at the lack of common sense in the government penned a letter to 113th Congress and the President. He is not threatening the government, but he is reminding them that common law is common sense. He also wants to remind others that we, the people of this nation, have the power to change it.


To the Honorable representatives of the 113th Congress and the President:

I would like to address several issues. Many of us are concerned in this day and age. Looking at the news, and I’m not talking the watered down “what Jay Z and Kanye ate for lunch” that is generally broadcast, why shouldn’t we be? It seems in this day and age we have land grabs, corruption, abuse of power, hate crimes, lies, theft, threats of violence on each other (good one Ms. Pelosi, because the representative didn’t agree with you that you had to be hauled out by the Sgt. of Arms before you assaulted him), and constant violations of the Constitution. While I would like to think that I was watching the local news, I’m not. I’m watching Washington DC.

Now I’m a simple man. I’m a disabled veteran. I served four years, then a training accident blew out my knees. I paid for my rehabilitation. I paid for three quarters of my education despite paying into the GI Bill to cover expenditures.  I worked seventeen years of law enforcement until complications from my military service and being at two poisonous bases caused me to have to retire. I was told by the Veterans Administration don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.

For six years I’ve had my medical files pending in Waco, Texas. The files only went to Waco when someone from Washington DC decided that Waco (185 miles one way) was closer then Houston (93 miles one way). Five years I had no answer, then got the answer that I was denied because even though I had everything in my Military file, my VA doctor did not write the words “service connected” when I started being treated for my symptoms. Eleven months to get the appeal in because the Waco office “lost” it even though the majority of those treatment records are electronic from Amarillo and Houston VA Centers. Even the national office says that it is a lie.

Now I’ve been waiting five more months. I tell you, I am ever so encouraged with the “we’re working on it” answers from Waco. How long does it honestly take for someone to look at the documentation I sent you including the hand written note of “make this kid a deal, it’s our fault we ‘lost’ the file” on my medical records to say there was a mistake?

But does this surprise me?

Absolutely not. When my wife was kidnapped against her will because I refused to participate in an illegal study, there was no OIG investigation. The FBI referred me to OIG. OIG referred it to a doctor who sent me a nice note saying, despite 4 USC violations being present, the clinic head doctor’s PA is not at fault. Now I did not know doctors went to law school or that charges could be dismissed without a trial? Silly me for reading the Texas and US Constitutions, the USC, the UCMJ, and the Judicial Branch laws on crimes against humanity.

I’m not shocked, though I should be. Waco and the Texas VA was found in gross incompetence and gross negligence resulting in the deaths of veterans four years in a row for these periods. Yet you in DC will not hold the VA doctors responsible, and state how great the system is that ACA/Obamacare was based on. Let me just say how inspired I am to tell the general public, “I told you so” after telling them this in 2010, 2011, 2012…get the picture yet? Nationally, this is tragedy is common in the VA.

Which brings me to point number two of when did I and other veterans become public enemy number one? I look through the FBI Lexicons and I am not the only one that can be smart enough to know what “lone wolf” the outgoing head of the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, is talking about in his witch hunt. Inside I find; Constitutionalist, Conservative, Preacher, Christian, thinks the laws on the books from the Constitution should be enforced, veteran, believes in a free standing militia (Second Amendment and also stated by President JFK), and other descriptions are all mixed in the pages. I’m impressed, I did not realize that 80% of this country were wanted terrorists when we utter the words United States of America or Republic. I learned something new.

Conveniently missing; Jihad, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS (and a brief history lesson Mr. President, every time you say ISIL you declare war on Jordan, Israel, and Syria. I’m betting you already knew that), Hamas, or any Islamic terrorist organization. While I’m not convinced every Muslim wants to kill me, I’m pretty sure what is in the Qur’an. Why? Because unlike the majority of the population, including some Muslims, I’ve read it. (I know, what a concept).

When you state all the great contributions to America that Islam has given the US, I can think of only one. Had it not been the Barbary Pirates, Jefferson would not have sent out a new naval land based combat force that is the United States Marines.  While we have many non-practicing Muslims in the US; we have a Qur’an whose job it is to teach Sharia, Mosques whose job it is to be Sharia courts, and a theocratic government being passed off as a religion. Can we be honest about it at least?

Now I’m not saying you don’t have a right to believe in Allah. I have a right to disagree with you. That is the great thing about America. Congress shall pass no law. I do not have a right to tell you what to do unless it threatens my Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Common sense, and it seems to be missing.

Honestly though, how does saying “Merry Christmas” just because someone doesn’t like the phrase threaten any of those three? Sharia law, on the other hand,does threaten the life of women, homosexuals, Christians, Jews, Pagans, non-believers, or non-practicing Muslims and therefore it is illegal according to the Constitution. Even Saudi and Jordan state Sharia is not compatible with the Constitution. Yet you would tell people because of this fact, I’m Islamaphobic?

Which brings up America has become the nation of Political Correctness. We are attempting to ban the word “bossy” because some think when used out of context it is offensive. We are attacking a football team over a team name, with 51 senators worried more about that then President Obama’s private war in Syria against Assad. Can we be serious for a moment? Where in the Constitution is the right not to be offended? Granted, I’m not a lawyer, but when I swore my oath to uphold it against all enemies foreign and domestic, I at least took the time to get to know what was in it. Not once can I find the right not to be offended. What’s next, changing the name of Oklahoma because it is Choctaw for “Red Man”? Wait, on second thought, Reid and Warren may take that as a hint. It appears there is no common sense in Congress.

There is however an interesting article in the Constitution. Article 1, Section 9. Can any of the esquires running around Congress, Presidential Cabinet, Vice President, or President tell me when your confirmation hearing before Congress was? You see, Esquire is a foreign title granted to every lawyer. Did you honestly think that nobody in their right mind would open the 200 year old document and read that you cannot hold a position with the government while holding a foreign title without Congressional approval? Same goes with Mr. President’s UN title. Same goes with John Kerry. Same goes with the majority of Democrats and Republicans. You ALL are in violation of the very document you swore to uphold by allowing this.

Which brings us to the missing Amendment. There was an amendment voted on by the majority of states in 1812. It would have expanded upon Article 1 Section 9. Mysteriously, the original disappeared in the dust bin of history around the time lawyers started being elected to office without giving up their esquire title. Such amendments, like the 27th Amendment, seem to reappear when the circumstances meet your agenda, yet you want me to believe you can’t find the 1812 one?  I also find it strange that I turned 18 in 1992. I don’t remember voting on the 27th when it reappeared.  Mysteriously, the original 13th from 1812, which could be added back as say the 28th, is still missing? Not saying that I don’t approve of the 27th, which should have been the 18th, but dishonesty has got us to this position that you are so worried about “We the People”, you seem to forget we elect you.

For instance, I can put two words in my computer in the same sentence and have my Facebook account locked down for hours. I can go to a State militia type meeting to interview them, since militia has become a bad word, and see two spy planes, three helicopters, five state troopers, and cannot count the marked and unmarked county cop cars  driving by to see what we are doing (Did you forget I’m an ex-cop? Imagine if you used the same resources to secure the border instead of worrying about people training how to skin a deer, as that was what they were teaching in the field).I can call my brother and you seem to know where in Oklahoma he is, and where in Texas I am down to the .001 of a mile mark. Yet you seem to think me stupid enough to think you can’t find an aircraft, track illegal aliens, or loose a military vessel the size of two football fields? You blame guns instead of psychotropic drugs linked in every mass shooting. You blame society or want us to not say certain topics because we may hurt the psychopath’s feelings. How about we blame gun free zones that you established because criminals and crazy people don’t read signs? Common sense is missing here.

We have ample evidence that it isn’t just children coming over the border. Could we stop with the lollipops and tired speeches that people that want our sovereign nation to stay sovereign are racist? I agree that some of my friends should not have had to wait 5 years to come to our country. I also say they did it the right way and am proud to call them brother and sister. I did not bleed for my country to watch Cloward Pivens in action and it breaks my heart. Before you try to tell me it isn’t, need I remind you the Obamacare for illegals while cutting VA pensions, Cash assistance for illegals in California, refusal to secure the border though you have had it budgeted since 1997, etc.? Again, where is common sense?

Which brings us to money and politics. While Senator Reid likes to pretend he doesn’t have any “millionaire donors” and wants people to beware the “evil Koch brothers”, I find this laughable. I would recommend putting patches on your suit coats like NASCAR if I thought there was any room on the material, even for the more robust members of Congress.

Here is one example: Honorable Kevin Brady is supposedly my representative. I can count on one hand how many flyers at election time I have received. The number of phone calls accepted, letters returned, meetings, invites, or even a campaign member knocking on my door in seven years are all the same number, zero. He took in $2,018,000 for his campaign, mainly from the RNC. He spent $1,010,000. Where is the other million?

Before Democrats laugh, shall I look at the Senate Majority Leader? Didn’t think so.

And we the people are the real bright ones, we keep electing you in. Despite all of this information being online, we don’t take the time to look for ourselves, so electing a bunch of individuals that care more for money then the welfare of their constituents really is the result of voter ignorance. We vote party instead of person. We have elected you by popularity instead of if you could handle the job, and that is our fault entirely. I am not one to complain that my bills are not paid by you, where is my free stuff, or that I didn’t get my free phone. That’s not why I vote and it is sad if that is the only reason someone else does. Nothing in life is free, someone has to pay for it. Maybe it is us without common sense.

I just think that it is about time we be allowed to live the real “American Dream” and the people in Washington to do their jobs according to the Constitution. We don’t need a new one, or more amendments. We need you to actually read and follow the one we have before we no longer have a country to be proud of. It isn’t a threat, it is the reality of what is going on in our country every day that DC seems oblivious to.  We are 17.75 trillion in debt, have 6000 illegal aliens a day (or undocumented workers for Pelosi and Jackson) displacing Americans in the labor force without paying taxes, NAFTA is killing our economy, pandemic level viruses; we have enough to be worried about. I’d honestly be more worried about the Pentagon looking and reading the actual Constitution and realizing they have a right to refuse unlawful orders then some 40 year old, grumpy, disabled, veteran, preacher, who can’t afford a tank of gas storming DC; unless you are worried I’d run against you and do a better job.

If the latter is the case, then perhaps it is time to do your job working for your constituents, and quit worrying about the next election before from California to New York you have freedom loving patriots signing up to run against you without the RNC and the DNC. I’d be worried more about Democrats and Republicans realizing the parties betrayed all of us and getting together, rather than us “redneck hunters” trying to learn how to can meat over a campfire if the electricity is cut off, a rumor you started, trying to storm DC by force. Before you laugh at this because the RNC and DNC has all the money, I would like to point out that a true grass roots campaign can end your political aspirations or you wouldn’t be spending countless billions to try to stop anyone of your own parties that start one. Let us not forget that the RNC started as a third party.

Or is that why you continue to divide our country on the lines of race, party, ethnicity, separation of church and state myths, “offensive” words, illegal executive orders, an illegal healthcare tax, and a new scandal every hour on the hour?

Let your voting record speak for itself.  Trust me, “We the People” are all starting to wake up and watch.

I’ll pray for you.


Pastor B. Walker



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