Disabled Woman Snubbed By Rude Staff At Restaurant, Gets EPIC Revenge


Never judge a book by its cover. 

(Mad World News) A Florida native who suffers from a disability went to go out to eat with her friend. The entire staff at the restaurant was completely rude to her, but she ended up getting her revenge on them.

Brittany Adler went out to eat with her friend in Atlanta, Georgia at a restaurant she chose to not identify. While there, according to A+.com, the 24-year-old and her friend encountered the rudest of the rude when it comes to staff.

As she attempted to order, the cashier had a hard time understanding she wanted to order gingered brussels sprouts. But rather than take the time to listen or asking Adler for clarification, the frustrated cashier gave her a strange look, turned around, then walked away.

“I turned[ed] back and was like ‘hello?? hello??’ [and] with no response from anyone, I turned back to my friend and said ‘lets go,’” she said. “We left in total confusion.”

Adler suffers from a condition called Dystonia, which gives people abnormal muscle contractions and makes it hard for them to control their speech, movement, and other fine motor skills.

Disabled Woman Snubbed By Rude Staff At Restaurant, Gets EPIC Revenge

She and her friend decided to leave that restaurant, and they went down the road and found a place with a much kinder wait staff. Once there, Adler asked their waitress for a pen and paper. Rather than getting upset, she channeled her frustration with the horrible way she was treated into a letter.

“I asked [my friend] what I should write and [she] said to write from the heart,” said Adler.

So write from the heart she did, and her letter couldn’t have been more powerful. She’s been able to accomplish amazing things, even with her disability, and she couldn’t have gotten sweeter revenge on those who were rude to her than opening their eyes to how horribly they stereotyped her.

Disabled Woman Snubbed By Rude Staff At Restaurant, Gets EPIC Revenge

“Hi, my name is Brittany Adler. I am 24 years old. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and Health Science. I plan on getting my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I also happen to have Dystonia, a condition that affects my muscle tone and speech. Just because I have this disability doesn’t mean I should be disrespected. It is a good thing that I am a strong individual otherwise, I would have been devastated. With that being said, everyone, including people with disabilities, should be respected equally… even though it may be harder to understand them. You should never give up on people. Everyone has something to say! Sincerely, Brittany”

When she brought the letter to the staff, each and every one of them read it, including the person who originally ignored her. Adler couldn’t have been more surprised at the response she got either.

“They were extremely apologetic,” said Adler, adding that the offending cashier apologized as well.

Apparently, the chef at the restaurant has a disabled daughter, and the incident really hit home with him. Adler said that he had tears in his eyes as he apologized to her and told her the story of his little girl.

Despite the horrible treatment she received, Adler said that she wasn’t trying to make the people at the restaurant feel bad for her, but rather open their eyes to understanding other people’s struggles.

“I can’t blame [the employee] for not being exposed to different types of people,” she said. “I [just wanted to make] sure that they knew it’s not OK to ignore people for any reason.”

Indeed, it’s sad we live in a world where people are judged by their outward appearance, rather than what’s on the inside. This young woman is extremely intelligent and enjoys life every bit as much as anybody else, yet the people in the restaurant had no idea since they wouldn’t even give her the time of day, only because she acted differently than they did.

Fortunately, she was able to show them what an incredible young woman she is, and hopefully through her standing up for herself, she was able to spare someone else the embarrassment and pain that comes from such mistreatment should those employees encounter someone with a disability again.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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