Disgraced Democrat Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison! Goodbye Hillary

Democratic Representative Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania was just sentenced to one of the longest prison stints for any member of Congress ever convicted of a crime. After a lengthy trial he was found guilty of twenty two counts of corruption which has landed him behind bars for more than a decade.

There have been dozens upon dozens of members of Congress who have been convicted of miscellaneous crimes. Either prior to, while in or after their time in public service. The consequences vary. Some have paid fines, served probation, and others have been forced to resign from their jobs. Any prison sentences have lasted two or three years.

One Monday a Pennsylvania judge sentenced him after he had been convicted in June from various bribery and federal corruption charges. They were all related to an illegal loan of $1 million he took during his 2007 failed mayoral run. He resigned from his position mere days after he was convicted.

The judge expressed disgust with the former public servant for turning his back on the people who elected him. Judge Bartle acknowledged the good that Fattah had done during his almost 40 years in service but insisted that it was just that that made the deptyh and duration of his crime so jaw dropping. The judge said,

“It is appropriate that that a sentence here be crafted to serve as a warning to others considering taking the path that you did.”

After the sentencing Fattah thanked his family and legal team for their support but refused to comment on the sentence itself. This was right outside the courthouse. He was a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s and his crimes were some of the same ones Clinton was involved in.

Fattah is among several other super delegates to be found guilty of corruption and be Clinton supporters. Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was convicted of corruption in 2015. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was investigated for corruption too.

Clearly something nefarious is going on in the Clinton team. But their is nothing new about that. When you hang around garbage you start to stink.

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