Teachers looking for an interesting lesson plan idea just got one from the White House:

Have your students build a memorial to a would-be cop killer, they suggest.

The White House recently tweeted a link to a Huffington Post piece by Columbia University Teachers College professor Christopher Emdin suggesting that teachers talk to students about the Michael Brown shooting:

White House tweet

It should go without saying that teachers should most definitely not talk to their students about such a politically charged topic; that should be left to parents.

But speaking of left, liberals are always certain that they can educate America’s studentsbetter than their parents can.

Emdin does have a valid point that students, whether they are interested in the topic or not, are at least peripherally aware of events in Ferguson.

“Over the last few weeks students have been inundated with news on the events in Ferguson,” he wrote. “Even when young people are not directly looking for information about these events, updates flash across their television and computer screens hourly. These updates are shaping the ways that youth make sense of media, the police, their lives, and their future.

“For this reason it is imperative that teachers find a way to bring this issue into the classroom.”

He was doing okay until that last sentence. Unfortunately, it got worse from there.

As suggested classroom activities, Emdin suggested having students “write letters to politicians, activists and people directly involved in the incident, creating a classroom memorial to Michael Brown, and carrying on the theme for the remainder of the school year,” according to Opposing Views.

Gee, I wonder which side of the Ferguson debate professor Emdin falls on.

“Bringing the events in Ferguson to the classroom is not only best teaching practice,” Emdin concluded, “but a way to establish powerful expectations for the academic year.”

Sure, if your expectations are for your students to turn into convenience store-robbing, police officer-assaulting thugs, a year dedicated to “Michael Brown studies” should be just the ticket.

If you want to teach kids how to improve their lives, however, we can suggest some better activities.

Asking teachers to teach the Constitution is probably too great a stretch, unfortunately.

Maybe they could have students create a memorial to Darren Wilson’s career as a police officer — not the first thing Michael Brown stole before his untimely death, but probably the last.

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