DISGUSTING! Arrogant Dem Candidate Tells Double Amputee Vet Opponent, “You Aren’t Qualified!”

Incredible. Democrat asks a question, Republican has an answer, a powerful answer. Democrat proceeds to get mad, and uses interruption and deceiving chain of words and emotions to keep the powerful answer from being heard.

Not only is that terribly embarrassing…but the Democrat just ends up looking like a total asshat. In this case…it seems like Randy Perkins (said Democrat) needs some serious ‘anger management’ therapy.

I mean, the man went from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds flat! On a topic he couldn’t digest himself…but was the very person to bring it to the plate!

Classic Dem…

Randy “Hot Head” Perkins is running for Congress in Florida’s 18th district.

Enter former U.S. Army Special Operations soldier Sgt. Brian Mast, who is his Republican opponent. Mast has served under the Joint Special Operation Command as an Explosives, Ordinance and Demolition Bomb Technician.

Basically, he risks his life going one on one with actual bombs, before they detonate and wipe life out…and so much more.

In 2010, as he was conducting an operation in Afghanistan, Mast found himself once more coming face to face with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that didn’t go down without taking a part of Mast with it.

He lost both his legs and suffered great injury to his left arm, and STILL went on to volunteer and serve with the Israeli Defense Forces in Israel.

This is the man that you are about to watch on video being unfairly attacked by Randy “Hot Head” Perkins. Keep that in mind as you watch the interaction or lack thereof between the two.

Did you see that? Perkins gave nothing but absolute disregard and disrespect to Mast in a situation that he himself, had set up. That’s enough to make you want to reach right into your computer screen and slap that guy.

Of course Mast is qualified, and Perkins just helped to prove it. When has anger ever been the method of problem solving? Anger is a good method to get the motivation to problem solve…but is absolutely destructive to use while fixing what needs to be fixed. Who in their right mind wants a man like Perkins in charge?

He’s just proven himself to be an ogre! While at the sametime showing people that Mast is level headed, and calm in situations that most people would start swinging fists…

Mast is qualified because he has proven he is willing to sacrifice for America and Americans. A great leader possesses values of integrity, accountability, and the ability to keep a good sense of humor, even in troubled times. I’d say Mast just gave a good example of that, thanks to Perkins.

He kept cool, and even showed he had good sense of humor when he chuckled a little in disbelief. He made his claims and was asked to prove why they were true, and took no hesitation in doing so, despite Perkins changing the angle every 2 seconds to throw him off.

Heck, earlier we wanted to slap Perkins…but maybe we should be thanking him for burying himself?

Look, it’s not too hard to divide the good men from the bad when they make it so obvious themselves. However, as further witness of Mast’s good character, you should know that Freedom Daily met with him at CPAC this year. As expected he is a very humble and down to earth guy, even after all the horrors he has witnessed on the battlefield where he has given up his quality of life for you, me and our children.

We assure you, this attack that Perkins unleashed on Mast… is absolutely uncalled for.

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