DISGUSTING! Black Lives Thugs Attack Police At RNC With Urine And Feces!


The country awaited for problems to arise at the Republican National Convention this week in Cleveland, Ohio with the police. It was simply expected. The first day appeared to go seemingly well. However, Tuesday appeared to be a completely different ball game. As protestors began to act up outside the arena on Tuesday.

Some media outlets reported that witnesses indicated they overheard transmission from police radios that said protestors had been using squirt guns and balloons that were filled with feces and urine. They were being used to attack law enforcement officers.

Afternoon antics increased as the day went on and the attacks continued and got worse. Eventually more police were required to handle the situation. When the officers congregated in one area together the protestors used the squirt guns to launch attacks on the police.


People on social media started talking about it too,

Similar things were done to police during the Occupy Wall Street movement years ago. In the days prior to the convention police had reported stock piles of human waste that were found. Over one hundred pounds were found. They took possession of it. Most likley this was in connection with the Republican National Convention protestors.